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Shield Arduino Nano I/O Shield Shield

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Arduino Nano I/O  Sensor Shield acts as an expansion board for the Arduino Nano and DFRduino Nano microcontrollers. There are several different options for power input. The form factor of the Nano I/O Shield board is the same as the Arduino UNO/arduino Leonardo. In addition, the sensor shield adopts Gravity interface that each pinout includes 5V and GND pins for easy connection to Gravity sensors or servos. To the best compatibility, the shield supports jumper wires for rapid prototyping.

Nano Io Sensor

Features: • Expansion shield for Arduino Nano • Pin out for 14 digital input/output pins • Pin out for 6 PWM outputs • Pin out for 8 analog inputs • Pin out for I2C Interface • Power jack • Reset button • LED for power indicator • AMS1117 3.3V Output Voltage • Also compatible with Arduino UNO after soldering pin headers to this shield


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