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Recording Module Voice Board With On Board Mic and Loud Speaker

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Nex Electronic: Buzzer/Speakers
The main chip: ISD1820.
Operating Voltage: DC 3V-5V.
Loudspeaker: 8?, 0.5W.
An easy to use 10 seconds of voice recording.
High-quality, natural voice restored.
Can be used as a propaganda module.
With looping, jog playback, single-pass play function.

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Recording Module Voice Board With On Board Mic and Loud Speaker. The ISD1820 Recording Module Voice Board is the real easy way to add Voice Recording (and Playback) to your project. The Module can be operated directly by using the 3 Push-Buttons or with every microcontroller (ex. Arduino).
Buttons control audio recording method of operation
REC Button: record button, you can press and hold the recording, release the button to stop recording;
RLAYE Key: trigger mode playback, press will play this whole speech;
PLAYL Key: jog mode playback, press and hold until playback, release to stop playback;
RPL Jumper: loop mode control, loop playback;
FT Jumper: direct control, microphone voice through the speaker can playback;


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