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P6KE200 Rectifier Diodes (Pack of 5)

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Electrical Characteristics of P6KE200CA Diode

Reverse Stand off Voltage VR : 171.00 Volts

Breakdown Voltage VBR Min : 190.00 Volts

Breakdown Voltage VBR Max : 210.00 Volts

Maximum Clamping Voltage : 274.0 Volts

Maximum Peak Pulse Current : 2.2 Ampere

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P6KE Series diodes is designed specifically to save your circuit from this sudden spike in voltage. P6KE Series diode are a very good Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Diode. P6KE TVS Diodes are rated at 600 Watts and protects the sensitive electronic devices from the voltage spikes induced on circuit.
The characteristic of a P6KE TVS diode is that it respond to over voltages faster than other common overvoltage protection components such as varistors or gas discharge tubes. This makes TVS diodes useful for protection against very fast and often damaging voltage spikes.
The primary way to protect a circuit from overvoltage is to place this TVS diode in parallel with the circuit. Though TVS diode is very similar to Zener Diodes they are still not the same.


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