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Neon – Bright Light Bulb Indicator

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  1. Widely used in the coffee pot, fans, rice cookers, electric iron, etc.
  2. High brightness
  3. Great performance
  4. Durable
  1. Type : Neon
  2. Emerging color : Green
  3. Power source : Corded electronic
  4. Life hours : Up to 12,000 hr.
  5. Can offer 360 degrees of illumination
  6. Energy-saving, long lifetime
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  • 17W x 2.5mA Neon, Neon Light Bulb Indicator Lamp
  • Neon Lamp 17W x 2.5mA – 110 / 220V
  • For 110V connection it is necessary to use a 47K resistor (1 / 4W) and for 220V connection it is necessary to use a 100K resistor (1 / 4W).
  • Neon lamps are recommended for 110 volt AC, 220 volt AC, and DC applications in excess of 90 volts. The lamps are available in miniature and sub-miniature sizes.


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