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CD54 22μH 22uh Surface Mount Power Inductor (Pack of 5)

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  1. Ferrite drum core construction.
  2. Magnetically unshield.
  3. Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1
  4. Halogen Free available.
  5. Operating temperature range: -40℃~ 100℃
    (including coil’s self temperature rise)
  6. Storage temperature range: -40℃~ 100℃.
  7. Solder reflow temperature: 260 ℃ peak.
  8. L×W×H: 6.1×5.5×4.85 mm Max.
  9. Product weight: 0.4 gm(Ref.)
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CD54 22μH Surface Mount Power Inductor (22 microH) is a 2-terminal passive device having a coil of wire wound wrapped around a core. A core may be magnetic metal or air to produce a high inductance in the wire. The terminals are pads on a surface mount component.


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