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Accelerometer Sensor

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Sensor : Nex Electronic
Quick View:
1. Chip built-in 16bit AD converter, 16-bit data output
2. Driver Chip: MPU6050
3. Operating Voltage: 3-5V DC
4. Communication: I2C/IIC Protocol
5. Gyro Range: ? 250, 500, 1000, 2000 ?/s
6. Accelerometer Range: ? 2 ? 4 ? 8 ? 16

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Features :

Chip built-in 16bit AD converter, 16-bit data output.
I2C Digital-output of 6 or 9-axis MotionFusion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler Angle, or raw data format.
Selectable Solder Jumpers on CLK, FSYNC, and AD0.
Digital Motion Processing? (DMP?) engine offloads complex MotionFusion, sensor timing synchronization, and gesture detection.
Embedded algorithms for run-time bias and compass calibration. No user intervention required.
Digital-output temperature sensor.


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