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20×4 Blue LCD Display with IIC/I2C interface

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Nex Electronic: Display
Model: LCD2004
Interface: I2C
Interface Address: 0x27
Character Color: White
Backlight: Blue
Supply voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 98 x 70 x 14 (LxWxH) mm

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LCD2004 Parallel LCD Display that provides a simple and cost-effective solution for adding a 20×4 White on RGB Liquid Crystal Display into your project. The display is 20 character by 4 line display has a very clear and high contrast white text upon a blue background/back-light.

This is a great blue back-light LCD display. It is fantastic for Arduino based project. This LCD2004 Parallel LCD Display with Blue Back-light is very easy to interface with Arduino or Other Micro-controllers.

This display overcomes the drawback of LCD2004 Parallel LCD Display in which you’ll waste about 8 Pins on your Arduino for the display to get working. Luckily in this product, an I2C adapter is directly soldered right onto the pins of the display. So all you need to connect are the I2C pins, which shows a good library and little of coding.


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