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XH-A232 TPA3110 30W+30W 2.0 Channel Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board

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Audio Amplifier: Nex Electronic

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Chip: TPA3110
Supply Voltage:DC 8V-26V
Dissipation Power:30W 30W
Channels:2 (2.0)
Output impedance:4-8ohm
Current: more than 3A
Signal to noise ratio: 100db


    • Strong TPA3110 chip is a digital power amplifier chip, with low idle loss characteristics, which makes it work well and quickly.
    • Onboard, front-facing IC to improve the input sensitivity, high-definition sound quality.
    • It can be used for car vehicle computer speaker, family audio and video, and empty square.
    • This product has the characteristics of loud sound, the capacitance is large, excellent sound quality.
    • There is no solder joint on the back of the circuit board, the chip capacitors, and the solder board together, so there is no possibility of a short circuit.


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