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AS-3843AN / UC3843 (Pack of 5)

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Nex Electronic: Simple Solution For Complex Connections
Product description Below
? 2.5 V bandgap reference trimmed to
1.0% and temperature-compensated
? Standard temperature range extended
to 105?C
? AS3842/3 oscillations trimmed for
precision duty cycle clamp
? AS3844/5 have exact 50% max duty
cycle clamp
? Advanced oscillator design simplifies
? Improved specs on UVLO and
hysteresis provide more predictable
start-up and shutdown
? Improved 5 V regulator provides better
AC noise immunity
? Guaranteed performance with current
sense pulled below ground

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AS3842 family of control ICs provide pin-for-pin replacement of the
industry standard UC3842 series of devices. The devices are
redesigned to provide significantly improved tolerances in power sup-
ply manufacturing. The 2.5 V reference has been trimmed to 1.0%
tolerance. The oscillator discharge current is trimmed to provide guar-
anteed duty cycle clamping rather than specified discharge current.
The circuit is more completely specified to guarantee all parameters
impacting power supply manufacturing tolerances.


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